LIFE Magazine has released online 850 photos taken in November 1960 Hanna-Barbera studios during the early days of production on the Flintstones.

The photos include voice recording sessions with Mel Blanc (Barney) and Alan Reed (Fred), photos of Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera with their families, photos of the both of them working with writers, artists, and lots candids of all the various people who worked at the studio at the time. This is an amazing and unprecedented look into what it was like making cartoons in this time in history, really the find of the year for animation enthusiasts.

Above are only a couple. We see an female inker working on a cel of Fred, another photo of an inker working on a cel (at her home!), animator Carlo Vinci animating a scene, Bill Hanna having a barbecue with his family, and a few of the studio workers who had formed their own bowling league, “the Yogi Bears”.



"For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to meet the mad geniuses who created comics, Drew Friedman’s art gives you the best chance you’re going to have to see them through their smiles, the eyes that dreamed up fantastic worlds, and to get a hint of the lives they led." –Paul Levitz

"When Drew Friedman does something, you know it is much better than merely excellent. Here he salutes the pioneers, masterminds, and geniuses of a graphic form that delighted, excited, and scared the hell out of us. And we were enthralled by every panel." –Arnold Roth

"I am a cockeyed fan of the astonishingly wonderful artist/caricaturist Drew Friedman and his merciless honesty. It has been delightful to watch Friedman chase Hogarth, Kley, Nast, and them guys over the hill. He is to art what Guernica was to human observation." –Harlan Ellison

Heroes of the Comics: Portraits of the Legends of Comic Books
by Drew Friedman

184-page full color 9” x 12” hardcover • $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-731-4

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