Seriously though, Bruce Timm kicks ass with the new Batman short, and now Darwyn  Cooke with a New Batman Beyond short.. 

Seriously can we just get new full shows from these guys? Gosh that would be amazing. I know I said to several of my friends awhile ago that  I was tired of batman and Batman movies are just kinda getting old to me, but give me new Batman The Animated series or new Batman Beyond anyday. [the DCAU continuity ] 



How is it that we have to have this discussion? This isn’t about rape jokes or rape as a narrative device, this is about how we deal with human beings who have different opinions. This is about making our fandoms inclusive in positive ways and allowing everybody to have their own thoughts and opinions. 

If your response to a woman being critical of a comic book or superhero or movie or anything else is to send her a rape threat you’re not a part of my fandom. We have no room for you here, and I hope all male fans stand up and say the same thing. 

This is important.