DC Animation’s Dark Knight Returns Part 1 is out on Blu-Ray and DVD today

This is a remarkable movie you really need to check out. Bruce Timm and company have finally started adapting probably the most famous and popular Batman comic, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, which has had a heavy influence on the Christopher Nolan films. 

The movie is cool as hell. Basically cross Batman with Akira and Robocop (and not just because Robocop plays Batman) and you get this movie. It emulates the feel of R-rated action movies from the 90’s quite well (with less curse words). 

The DC Animated movies have ranged in quality. Some good, like Batman Gotham Knight, New Frontier, All Star Superman, Superman vs the Elite, and some not so good (mostly the Batman/Superman movies), but this really is an enormous leap in quality. It’s not exactly theatrical level animation, but the script, the staging, the performances, it all feels very cinematic. Because they split the movie up, they were able to keep the entire story intact, which really works in their favor. The characters and the story are incredibly fleshed out, and they are only supported by great performances by Peter Weller and Ariel Winter. The score is also epic and emotional, and by the end of the movie, you’re heart will be pounding and you will be geeking out at the very last shot.

The wait for Part 2 is going to be killer. In my opinion, this really is the second best superhero film of 2012 (and coincidentally, the absolute best one of the year is also out on blu-ray today, so go buy that!).

Today is a good day for superheroes.

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