A few choice screenshots from the chase in the Louvre sequence in “Looney Tunes: Back In Action”.Β 

The movie itself is only ok, as according to director Joe Dante (a major Looney Tunes aficionado and close friend of Chuck Jones), the finalΒ movie “has a different beginning, middle and end from the one I started out to make.”

But what makes it stand out are a few inspired sequences. Joe Dante and animation director Eric Goldberg (a longtime Disney animator best known for animating the Genie in “Aladdin”, and for the “Rhpasody In Blue" segment in "Fantasia 2000”) are both devotees of Chuck Jones and Tex Avery, and they strived to preserve their philosophy behind the Looney Tunes characters for this movie, and succeeded.

This Louvre chase is one of the few scenes that didn’t feel noted to death by studio heads. Goldberg is not only an appreciator of animation, but also of fine art, and his love of it shows here, by having Elmer chase Bugs and Daffy through the iconic paintings that hang on the walls of the Louvre. Here he’s able to create gags on these famous works of art- “The Persistence of Memory”, “The Scream”, “Un Dimanche a la Grande Jette”, etc.-in classic Looney Tunes fashion.Β 

The movie overall might not be a classic, but this one scene is one of the best in Looney Tunes history, and it is vastly overlooked.

Watch it here on Youtube.

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